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Natural Builder, Renovator, Sustainable/Eco-Educator, Landscape/Garden Artist, Electrician and Plumber, All Round General Handyman! Currently Seeking Clients Around Vernon, BC and Beyond!


MindGardens integrates non-toxic, natural building materials into a living building experience- utilizing earthen and lime plasters, recycled glass, reclaimed woods, living plants, and earthen structuring to bring forth a home built to last hundreds of years in beauty and health. Most modern homes are full of toxic products and elements, sold without any disclaimer. Most modern homes are built for a lifetime of less than 50 years. Most modern homes are centered around blocking out nature, rather than bringing forth an integrated life. Natural building represents a lifestyle of health, love, and reciprocity between nature and home.

The surroundings of the home must also be cultured to represent the healthy nature of the inner natural ingredients. Many homes are built upon a 'graded' plot- a bulldozed, compacted leveled, destroyed microcosm of life. MindGardens challenges this method- instead of grading a homesite- why not build your home around and with the existing natural elements? Why wouldn't you have a home fit to the existing trees, anchored to the underlaying substrata of rock, winding with the landscape, capturing sun and clean air, promoting the inhabitants and finding niches for your contributions? Everything most people seek in a home can exist in such a fluent way- let me give a few examples:

Why not utilize the humidity from the bath and shower of your home by incorporating it into the greenhouse?

Why not use the roof for planting your vegetable garden- filtering your water through nature before it fills your rainbarrel?

Why not allow your thick earthen walls breathe an equalized temperature into your home?

Why not center your skylight over your grass carpet?

Why not purify your wastewater through a series of living, digesting flowforms, to release it back to the surrounding environment- while you enjoy the gentle trickle, the biomass of water, the rich oxygen released by plants, the laughter of your children as a fish jumps from the water?

Why not have a home that winds like a beautiful weaving between trees and into the earth?

There are so many questions I have for the general population contributing to the annihilation of our forests, animals, selves- supporting the construction industry that builds stick homes and sick lands. The three little pigs taught us to not build out of sticks, and nature is crying for help. Call me for more ideas with your home.

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Erik K Tamez-Hrabovsky recently relocated his business (MindGardens!) to Vernon, BC. Hopes are to extend natural and recycled building practices into a new environment, along with finding applications for his biodynamic and living soil consciousness garden and landscape experience. The whole home truly must consider the full site of impact of a human habitation. He speciallizes in accentuating art and natural beauty while composing a home (or retrofit) out of materials more compatible with the cosm surrounding. To learn more, please phone or email for a free on-site estimate using the contact info at the bottom of this page. You most likely will be surprised how inexpensive building with nature can be!

Although MindGardens is locally owned and operated out of Vernon, British Columbia, the reach of MindGardens extends well beyond Canada. Some projects exist throughout the United States, specifically Texas, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. In addition to these 'locations,' Mindgardens Service Projects typically target First Nation peoples in need throughout the continent. To learn more about these projects, visit the MindGardens Projects page



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